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Research and Production Enterprise DIGITAL RADIO SYSTEMS (CRTS)

Digital Radio Systems (CRTS) is a dynamically developing company designing and producing radio equipment for air traffic and surface movement control. Our equipment boosts flight safety. By using cutting-edge technologies and focusing on advanced technical solutions in radio equipment designing we develop hi-tech systems capable of facing modern challenges in every respect. We never cease improving our products and provide support throughout their entire life cycle. CRTS gears up its research and production potential to provide rational use of the airspace and flight safety through integration of hi-tech digital radio equipment. Our equipment lays the informational groundwork for flight safety. We develop, produce, deploy flight management radio systems and maintain them on the customer's premises .
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CRTS has been building up its research and production capabilities to address issues related to a rational use of airspace and flight safety through introduction of high-tech digital radio equipment.
Its development efforts and products are aimed at optimizing and upgrading the air traffic management system, in particular with respect to indicators such as flight safety enhancement, increase in airspace size and capacity, increase in route flexibility and so on.
The company’s development activities rely on platform-oriented technology that uses unified engineering solutions. This approach allows us to develop advanced equipment within the shortest possible time and at a low manufacturing cost.

Development areas and principles

Radiotechnical systems and components
Cooperative and non-cooperative air traffic surveillance facilities
Focus from antenna systems to software
Support throughout all stages of the product life cycle: idea, concept, development, production, after-sales service and support
All of CRTS’ products comply with ICAO, RTCA, EUROCAE standards.


The company’s production facility is a combination of cutting-edge technologies, modern equipment, and effective production management and organization methods. The production is specialized in three-dimensional wiring of printed-circuit assemblies and manual assembly of printed-circuit boards (PCBs), as well as their adjustment.

Areas of production specialization

Three-dimensional wiring of printed-circuit assemblies and manual assembly of PCBs, alignment.
CRTS manufactures self-contained products, ready-to-install turnkey systems.


We are ready to carry out joint projects with our customers and localize production of systems on their territory. This advantage is supported by confidence in the quality of our technology and products that are fully compliant with EUROCAE, RTCA, ICAO.


With our strong engineering capabilities and considerable competencies and expertise in surveillance systems, we are able to anticipate customers’ needs and develop the best solutions even in non-routine situations. Our partnership relations with friendly companies and leading research institutes help us carry out several complex turnkey equipment programs simultaneously. High-level components compliant with international standards are the intellectual core of our products. They are used to build systems which then are delivered and installed at the customer premises. We offer our customers a stand-alone high-quality product.


CRTS’ breakthrough technologies contribute to the standardization of air traffic control in accordance with the CNS/ATM system architecture concepts. In particular, there are solutions for seamless integration of ADS-B and MLAT systems and further development of a single information and telecommunications environment for aviation on their basis.
Seamless airspace will ensure a high level of flight safety, mitigate negative effects on the environment as well as provide a more rational use of airspace and new, costeffective opportunities for air carriers and passengers. This is a standard set by ICAO and attainable together with us, from development to implementation.

We supply equipment to all types of airports in the CIS and further afield.